4 MY DOGGY  is 100% natural dog care
  4 MY DOGGY  is free of mink oil and absolutely vegan
  4 MY DOGGY  commits itself to offer only products of the highest quality and purity
  Out of deep conviction, 4 MY DOGGY abstain from animal experiments!
  4 MY DOGGY  products are free of all synthetic and / or harmful ingredients
  4 MY DOGGY- products not only care skin and coat of the dog, they even be wholesome to the skin of the users
  4 MY DOGGY- products are manufactured for us in Germany by an expert for natural care products
  4 MY DOGGY  uses an ecologically brilliant, new type of refill packaging design − for the sake of the environment!
  4 MY DOGGY  stands for an ecologically integrated attitude towards life and work
  4 MY DOGGY- products are 100% ecologically degradable in a very short time
  4 MY DOGGY  cares strongly about the health of humans and animals!